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The Best Fashion Brands Taking The Lead In Style And Purpose

Varsity Jacket made from Wool and 100% Vegan Leather Image Courtesy of Selfridges Black American fashion history: In 2022, Black History Month continues to gain an impelling source of strength by achieving a tremendous increase in fashion product sales-(roughly 65 percent). And while the increase in revenue is trending north, an abundant number of American retailers have been slow to …

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Growing Ingredients in a Lab Could Lead to Better, Safer Beauty Products

It’s painful to list those animal parts, though they were the standard sources of hyaluronic acid up to that point, when Shiseido’s biotech discovery helped open the door for modern skin care andfillers as we know them. (The first nonanimal hyaluronic acid filler, Restylane, was created in 1996.) Similarly, biotechnology has made possible vegan replicas of other animal-derived ingredients such …

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