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Beauty fans go crazy for a painless hair remover that gets rid of annoying strawberry legs & it works on short hair too

BEAUTY lovers on TikTok are going crazy over a hair remover that not only causes no pain but also gets rid of strawberry legs. Those who shave legs – whether for a special occasion or on a more regular basis – know how frustrating cuts, bumps and strawberry skin can be. 3 Strawberry skin – a thing of the pastCredit: …

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Shaving your legs won’t make your hair thicker: 10 beauty myths busted | Makeup

The myth: shaving your legs causes the hair to grow back thicker and darkerNope, says trichologist Anabel Kingsley. “Your hair is not like a lawn that is stimulated by cutting. If you cut your hair short, shave your head, legs or anywhere else, hair will not grow back thicker.” It’s the stubby length and squared-off (rather than naturally tapered) hair …

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