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What is slugging and how do you do it?

Placeholder while article actions load It’s rare for TikTok beauty trends to hold merit with dermatologists and aestheticians. Whether they’re ridiculous (#lubeprimer, #snailfacial) or dangerous (#diymoleremoval, filing teeth), most TikTok “beauty hacks” are quickly debunked by skin-care professionals — with the overwhelming exception of “slugging.” Slugging is a catchy term that means slathering your face with petroleum jelly as the …

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What is slugging?: See what the new K-beauty trend is all about

Oftentimes, trying out the latest skin care trend requires swapping out your favorite products or having to purchase new, pricey ones. It can end up costing both your skin and your wallet, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually do your skin more good than harm. So when a trend comes around that’s easy to replicate, affordable and doesn’t require …

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‘Slugging’ is the latest viral K-beauty skin care trend online

While skin care products featuring snail mucin are the rage these days, slugging, a beauty trend that’s been making the rounds on TikTok, doesn’t actually involve any slimy critters. Instead, the term refers to a skin care technique in which you coat your face with Vaseline or a similar product with promises to hydrate. While it recently took off on …

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