The Beauty Product Inspired By Riding on the Back of David Beckham’s Motorcycle

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In some feel-good Friday news, Victoria Beckham is rolling out another luxe makeup product via her Victoria Beckham Beauty brand, and the released-today gloss was pretty much made for the back of none other than husband David Beckham’s motorcycle.

“Throwing back to my Spice Girl days, Posh would always wear a high-shine, clear gloss with a heavy lip liner to make her lips look fuller,” Beckham, shared in a release. “That’s when my love affair with gloss started, but I always found it heavy and uncomfortable to wear, and my hair would inevitably get stuck in it—especially riding on the back of David’s motorcycle.

So it became my mission to create a gloss that was beautiful, with reflective, mirror-like shine—but wearable and not at all sticky. I believe we got it right.”

The Posh Gloss ($28) debuts today in one crystal-clear shade called Ice. The treatment-based, high-shine, non-sticky hydrating formula includes ingredients like vitamin E, aloe and black currant oil, which the brand describes as “supercharged” and “clean actives.”