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The best bowling shoes for women

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If you have the itch to go to your nearest bowling alley and try bowling a few strikes, a good pair of bowling shoes can take you far. Instead of having to pay to rent someone else’s stinky shoes, consider buying your own pair to take with you when you hit the lanes.

The best pair of bowling shoes should fit your feet, your budget and your level of athleticism. For instance, if you want a casual, lightweight pair of bowling shoes that will come in handy whenever you want to play a round, the Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes are a comfortable and affordable choice.

What to know before you buy bowling shoes for women

To ensure you have the best game possible, fit and comfort are key. As with any footwear, the individual make and mold of a bowling shoe ultimately decides how comfortable they are to wear. Nothing beats trying a pair on in real life, but some shoes are known for their support and comfort more than others. Look for features such as extra foam padding on the collar and tongue and lightweight construction.

Bowling shoes are designed to give you the proper hold while you chuck your bowling ball for a strike. Bowling alley floors are notoriously slippery, and while that’s great for the balls, it can lead to accidents. A proper pair of bowling shoes can remedy this by being slick enough to help you effortlessly go in for a throw, but still have enough traction for you to keep your bearings.

Depending on how much you play and the level of intensity with which you approach bowling (some consider it a true sport, others a fun hobby), there are different models of bowling shoes. Shoe companies tailor their models based on whether customers are purchasing a sport model, a casual play model or some that fit in between and can be used for either purpose.

Bowling shoes for women features 

While some shoe companies focus on making bowling shoes in neutral colors that don’t easily stain such as grey, if you’re looking for bright colors, you’ll be sure to find them from internet retailers.

Some bowling shoes look like regular sneakers, while others more obviously appear to be bowling shoes. If you’d like to be inconspicuous with your bowling shoes, there are plenty of nondescript options out there.

Some customers prefer shoes that come from trusted names in bowling, such as Dexter, Pyramid Path and KR Strikeforce. The famous brand Brunswick — well-known for its bowling paraphernalia — makes shoes as well.

Bowling shoes for women cost

Bowling shoes for women cost $30-$80, depending on the quality of the make and the name brand recognition of the company.

Bowling shoes for women FAQ

Do I really need bowling shoes to go bowling? 

A. While you may opt to rent them instead of buying them, you need a pair of bowling shoes to be able to bowl. On top of their safety benefits when compared to normal sneakers, most bowling alleys require you to wear a pair in order to prevent liabilities. If you bowl regularly, it may make sense to buy a pair you can keep for yourself and use whenever you hit the lanes.

What do they use on the bottom of bowling shoes to make them slick?

A. The uniquely slick yet tractable texture of bowling shoes’ soles comes down to a special mix of rubber and leather.

Which bowling shoes for women should I get?

Best of the best bowling shoes for women

Dexter Kerrie Bowling Shoes: available at Amazon 

Our take: These easy, nondescript bowling shoes from trusted brand Dexter are great for anyone who likes casual bowling.

What we like: These gray shoes could pass for regular sneakers, which some customers love. They’re available in many sizes and sell at a reasonable price. They’re extremely lightweight while still having a synthetic rubber sole to keep you grounded, no matter the wide throws you launch.

What we dislike: Those with wide feet complain that this pair can be narrow in the front. Some bowlers prefer shoes with more support and cushion.

Best bang for your buck bowling shoes for women

Pyramid Women’s Path Sport Bowling Shoes: available at Amazon

Our take: This pair of bowling shoes makes for a great fit at any skill level, and they’re a bargain price.

What we like: These bowling shoes sport a serious slide, giving you range of motion in your strikes. They’re available in a variety of sizes and color options. Customers love how comfortable they are, since they’re padded with extra cushion to keep you comfy standing for hours at the lanes. Some bowlers like how they don’t obviously look like bowling shoes — you’re bound to get compliments.

What we dislike: These shoes don’t double as standard walking shoes, so don’t wear them outside the bowling alley — you’ll end up damaging the soles.

Honorable mention bowling shoes for women

Brunswick Karma Ladies’ Bowling Shoe: available at Amazon

Our take: With a modern look from a famous bowling brand, these shoes are sure to up your game next time you try to bowl a strike.

What we like: These shoes boast a cute loafer design and are available in three color options. Users report that the toe area of the shoe is spacious and comfy, making them appropriate for normal to wide feet sizes. The sole provides a good mix of slide and traction.

What we dislike: Reviews note that these shoes need breaking in, which may require a few wears before they hit their ideal comfort level.

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