The Essential Guide to Micro Wedding Invitations

Micro weddings, also known as intimate weddings or elopements, are becoming an increasingly popular option for couples looking to have a more personal and meaningful wedding experience. These weddings typically involve a smaller guest list and a more intimate setting and often involve unique and creative invitation designs.


What to include in micro wedding invites

When it comes to micro wedding invitations, the most important details are the couple’s names, the date and time of the wedding, and the location. This information should be clear and easy to read, as the invitation will likely be viewed by a smaller number of guests. Other details that can be included on the invitation, depending on the specific plans for the wedding, are the dress code, any specific instructions for the ceremony or reception, and any transportation or accommodation information for out-of-town guests.

In terms of sizing, micro-wedding invitations are typically smaller than traditional wedding invitations. This is because there are typically fewer guests, and the invitation is often presented uniquely and creatively. Some couples have their invitations printed on small cards or postcards, while others opt for a folded design or a scroll-like invitation. You can customise our Save the Date sized cards (140mm x 107mm) and turn them into a micro wedding invite.

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Why couples choose micro weddings?

There are many reasons why couples choose to have a micro wedding. For some, it’s a way to have a more personal and meaningful celebration with their closest friends and family members. For others, it’s a way to save money and has more flexibility in terms of the location and design of the wedding. Still, for others, it’s a way to have a more unique and memorable wedding experience.

Overall, micro-wedding invitations are a creative and unique way to invite guests to your special day. With careful consideration of the details and focusing on creating a personal and meaningful experience, you can create the perfect micro wedding invitation for your big day. If you are unsure on how to structure your micro wedding invitations, simple reach our customer service on live chat or email. Our wedding invitation designers will be happy to help you with your questions!

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