The Last Blockbuster: How One Store Survived in the Age of Streaming

The Last Blockbuster: How One Store Survived in the Age of Streaming

In the era of streaming services dominating the entertainment industry, one store has managed to defy the odds and stand tall. The Last Blockbuster, located in Bend, Oregon, has become a symbol of resilience in the face of technological advancements. This article delves into the strategies and unique factors that have enabled this store to survive in an era dominated by streaming.

Embracing Nostalgia and Community

The Last Blockbuster has successfully tapped into the nostalgia factor, attracting customers who yearn for the experience of browsing physical movie collections. While streaming services offer convenience, they lack the tangible connection and personal touch that a physical store provides. The store has created a warm and inviting atmosphere, where customers can discuss movies and receive personalized recommendations from knowledgeable staff.

The local community plays a crucial role in the survival of The Last Blockbuster. By establishing strong ties with the community, the store fosters a loyal customer base. Hosting movie nights, film discussions, and special events keeps the community engaged and connected. This local support has been instrumental in the store’s ability to weather the storm of streaming.

Curating a Unique Selection

One of the key factors that set The Last Blockbuster apart from streaming giants is its carefully curated selection of movies. While streaming services offer an overwhelming number of options, the store focuses on quality over quantity. The staff meticulously selects movies across various genres, ensuring that customers have access to a diverse range of films that may not be available on popular streaming platforms.

This curated selection not only attracts movie enthusiasts but also helps the store differentiate itself from the competition. By offering movies that are not easily accessible online, The Last Blockbuster becomes a go-to destination for cinephiles seeking rare and obscure titles.

Adapting to Change

Despite the challenges posed by the rise of streaming, The Last Blockbuster has embraced technology to enhance its offerings. The store has implemented an online reservation system, allowing customers to browse the available titles and reserve them for pickup. This integration of technology provides convenience while retaining the essence of a physical store.

Additionally, The Last Blockbuster has leveraged its brand recognition to partner with local businesses and independent filmmakers. By hosting exclusive screenings and collaborating with other entities in the entertainment industry, the store has expanded its reach and relevance in the digital age.


  • Q: Is The Last Blockbuster the only store of its kind left?
  • A: No, there are a few other independent video rental stores scattered across the country, but The Last Blockbuster has gained significant attention due to its association with the Blockbuster brand.

  • Q: How does The Last Blockbuster compete with streaming services in terms of convenience?
  • A: While streaming services offer instant access to a vast library of movies, The Last Blockbuster provides a unique and personalized experience that cannot be replicated online. Customers can physically browse movie collections, receive recommendations, and engage with fellow movie enthusiasts.

  • Q: Can I rent movies online from The Last Blockbuster?
  • A: Yes, The Last Blockbuster has embraced technology by offering an online reservation system. Customers can browse the available titles on their website and reserve movies for pickup at the store.

  • Q: What steps has The Last Blockbuster taken to stay relevant in the digital age?
  • A: The Last Blockbuster has partnered with local businesses and independent filmmakers to host exclusive screenings and collaborations. Additionally, the store has created a strong sense of community by organizing movie nights, discussions, and special events.

To learn more about the survival of The Last Blockbuster, you can visit this article.

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