The Meaning of Seemingly Random Numbers Pointed out in Common Rock Songs

The Meaning of Seemingly Random Numbers Pointed out in Common Rock Songs

Paul Simon was most likely proper, but he absolutely shortchanged us when he sang, “Fifty Strategies to Depart Your Lover.” The song actually only mentions 4 or five techniques to get out of a connection, like Jack sneaking as a result of the again, Stan obtaining a new prepare, or Lee dropping off the important.

I have constantly required to hear the other forty-something strategies Simon had in head when he wrote the strike. Granted, it possibly would not be specifically fifty, since Simon possible just rounded up to a pleasant, effortless selection. Just after all, a song titled “46 Methods to Go away Your Lover” would not be nearly as catchy, even if it were being mathematically correct.

An artist does not have to round up to a catchy amount in buy to make a great music, having said that. Some genuinely memorable music are built about seemingly random figures, either in the title or in the verses.

Listed here are some of the seemingly random figures from preferred music, accompanied by a practical explanation of why that particular amount was picked out.

“35 Sweet Goodbyes” by Steely Dan

This sum seems in the opening line of “My Outdated College” and, according to a Rolling Stone job interview with Donald Fagen, signifies oral intercourse (half of 69). The “Daddy G.” in the past verse, by the way, belongs to G. Gordon Liddy, who was the dean when Fagen attended Bard College.

“14 joys and a will to be merry” by Bob Welch

The line listed here from “Sentimental Woman” refers to the Stations of Pleasure, fourteen passages in which the resurrected Jesus ideal to change sorrows into sorrows. Hence, the closing fifty percent of the line quoting the motivation to be pleased alternatively of unfortunate.

“73 adult men sailed out from the San Francisco Bay” by Blues Picture

In an job interview the band claimed the quantity had no significance, and that they experienced just randomly chosen it to open their hit “Trip Captain Trip.” Some followers even now sense that the range is a biblical reference.

“21 Factors” by Frank Black and the Catholics

This track by the former front person of the Pixies refers to the 21 missions utilised to establish California, therefore his point out of Berkeley, Monterey and the rocky coast.

“99 Luft Balloons” by Nena

This anti-war music was a lot more well-known in its German variation, but the variety is the identical in any language. It describes numerous other nouns in the song, culminating in 99 dreams. Why 99? The only fair explanation is that physically that variety most resembles a balloon. Considering that there are two people today in the track purchasing the balloons, it would make feeling for the title to have two nines, consequently a balloon for every just one.

“96 Tears” by? and the Mysterians

This title possibly employs 96 because it is the largest of the 5 “untouchable” figures under 100. The lyrics reveal that the singer can’t contact the girl, but that she will sooner or later end up crying a great deal much more than he now is.

“Of course Five Believers” by Bob Dylan

Some Dylan fanatics think that the quintet right here represents the quantity of persons who, no matter how silly the text of his tracks, usually insist on discovering deep interpretations. To complicate the tune even a lot more, Dylan throws in “fifteen jugglers.”

“25 or 6 to 4” by Chicago

Singer Peter Cetera unveiled that the track was written as many band users had been attempting to stay awake all night time, “Sitting down cross-legged on the flooring” and “Receiving up to splash my experience.” Right after a single asked what time it was, the other answered that it was possibly 25 or 6 to 4 (o’ clock). The improved question was requested a several a long time previously by the band in their music “Does Anyone Genuinely Know What Time It Is?”

“Seven Country Military” by the White Stripes

Cease hoping to figure out which septet of countries is staying referred to in this title. I after erroneously assumed that they have been the powers on the United Nations Security Council plus some up and comers like Korea or Greece, but Jack White dismissed that notion. The identify, according to the song’s creator himself, came from his childhood misinterpretation of The Salvation Army.

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