This New Hair-Care Collection Caters to Your Age Rather Than Hair Type

Typically, we select our shampoo and conditioner based on our hair type: dry hair needs something hydrating, oily hair needs something clarifying, etc. But a new hair-care brand called Generation Beauty by Pantene—courtesy of the beauty brains at P&G—is challenging that logic with a new method: tailored nutrition for your hair based on your age group.

Launching today, the brand features three shampoo-and-conditioner duos based on five fundamental factors impacting our hair: pigmentation, scalp oil production, the curvature of individual hair fibers, the thickness/diameter of individual hair fibers, and the total number of hair fibers a person has. We spoke with Pantene global scientist Jeni Thomas to get the exclusive scoop.

I’m curious about the concept behind the brand, focusing on age groups rather than hair types (the most common factor). Can you share a little bit about the methodology?

“We find that women become frustrated with products they once loved and depended on for their in-shower hair routine – they expect the results they once had, but aren’t getting them. Changing biology can be a big reason why. Our hair changes fundamentally over time (5 fundamental factors define the changes) regardless of our hair type. However, people rarely describe their hair type as changing over time. That’s why we are bringing a collection of products designed for the fundamental factors that can define what our hair needs at different stages. We expect hair types impacts: 1) how often someone washes with the shampoo & conditioner pairs, and 2) the treatment and styling products they choose to suit their hair type and to get to the look they want.”

What are some of the common characteristics of hair when someone is in their 20s to mid-30s?

“Fundamentally, in your 20s to mid-30s, sebum (scalp oil) production is high, anagen length is high, and hair density—the amount of hair—is high. This means hair tends to be longer, and combination hair is very common: oily roots and dry, easily tangled tips. The dry tips can be dry from coloring, styling, or simply from years of wear and tear. This creates common hair needs of gentle root cleansing, balanced moisture from root to tip and easy detangling. Preventive care is important if you plan to keep your hair long, so the ends stay in good shape.”

Which Generation Beauty duo is best for this group?

“We’ve created Generation Beauty Cleanse & Reconstruct Shampoo & Conditioner for this age group. Both formulas have green tea, antioxidants and pro-vitamin B5, and the shampoo is a gentle clarifier to address greasy roots while the conditioner balances moisture levels along the lengths, especially targeting the more damaged tips. The antioxidants are an important part of the preventive approach to caring for hair’s longer lengths. The formulas are also color-safe under the assumption that this is a time when many people are experimenting with hair colors.”

What are some of the common characteristics of hair when someone is in their mid-30s to mid-40s?

“Hair changes fundamentally in your mid-30s. You still have a lot of sebum, pigmentation is declining for many (not all) and you have fewer hair fibers—the individual hair fiber diameter has been increasing, but is beginning to plateau. These changes mean that hair roots still get oily/greasy—this can leave hair looking limp—and hair is less full than it once was. With grays becoming more noticeable, many who weren’t already getting their hair colored regularly become regulars for the sake of covering grays. 

Which Generation Beauty duo is best for this group?

“We’ve created The Generation Beauty Full & Vibrant Shampoo & Conditioner for women in their mid-30s to mid-40s. The formulas with hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and pro-vitamin B5 are all about deep nourishment and gentle cleansing to keep hair manageable—frizz control becomes more important—strong and pliable. The decreasing hair fiber diameter changes the hair’s mechanics. The formulas were also created to be color-safe knowing that color-frequency tends to be high in this stage.”

What are some of the common characteristics of hair when someone is in their mid-40s and beyond?

“For mid-40s and beyond, fundamental hair changes include decline in pigmentation, changing texture—fiber curvature increases—hair thinning increases, and sebum production declines. As a result, ‘wiry grays’ become more obvious and hair becomes more breakage-prone. This happens as hair goes from straighter to more curved and as pigmentation is no longer there to protect hair from UV damage. The hair also needs more antioxidants! Pigmentation is that first line of defense from UVs, and if hair is lacking pigment, then the UV rays attack the hair fibers instead. Brightening is also important, as grays can easily appear dull, and the need for flexibility or suppleness increases as the ‘wiry’ hairs can be stubborn. 

Which Generation Beauty duo is best for this group?

“Generation Beauty by Pantene Silver & Glowing Shampoo & Conditioner was designed to brighten and strengthen hair. The color-safe, hydrating formulas with biotin, vitamin E, extra antioxidants, and pro-vitamin B5 work well for both naturally gray, silver and white hair, or colored hair.”

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This New Hair-Care Collection Caters to Your Age Rather Than Hair Type

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