Top 10 nostalgic fashion trends that made a comeback in 2021

You know the saying, if you wore something once, just wait and it will be in fashion again.

We talked with New Day stylist Darcy Camden to come up with her top ten nostalgic fashion looks that are back in 2021.

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10. Vests. Oversize vests, sweater vests, leather vests. Everyone had vests in the 90s, and I honestly thought we had put them to rest. But earlier this year, I started seeing vests in stores again (here’s my personal fave)—and I predict vests will be a HUGE trend for men and women in 2022.

9. Shoulder pads. Go big or go home! That’s the trend when it comes to shoulder detailing on blazers and blouses. It’s almost impossible to find a women’s blazer these days that isn’t exaggerated at the shoulders. Luckily for anyone who doesn’t love this trend, most shoulder pads can be easily removed.

8. Tutus. If you watched the original “Sex and the City” when it debuted in 1998, you remember the opening scene with Carrie Bradshaw strutting down the street in a tutu. Sarah Jessica Parker has revived this trend (she wore a tulle skirt to the premiere of “And Just Like That”) and gave us all the green light to wear tutu-inspired dresses like this tulle wonder from Adriana Papell.

7. Velour. Jennifer Lopez made us all want velour jumpsuits in the early 2000s, and now that she’s wearing them again (along with other celebrities like Kim Kardashian), it’s safe to say they’re back.

6. Sweater Sets. Matching cardigan and shell sets were all the rage in the 90s—in fact, women I know vowed to never wear them again. I can’t tell you how many sweater sets I’ve purged from clients’ closets over the past decade. So, ironically, now they’re cool again. If anyone happens to have a cardigan set hanging out in the back of their closet, you might want to dust it off and wear it again in the new year.

5. Commuter sneakers. The working women of the 80s invented wearing sneakers with dressier attire, and 40 years later, we’re embracing this trend again. After the pandemic, almost no one wants to suffer in heels, so I don’t see this sneaker trend going away any time soon.

4. Overalls. Many women who love jumpsuits embraced the new version of this trend, which is much more fitted and flattering. My favorite are at Madewell.

3. Bike shorts. When I think of bike shorts in the 80s, I think of Princess Diana rocking long tight shorts with oversize sweatshirts. Today, the fashion girls are rocking them with combat boots and oversize blazers, another retro-inspired trend.

2. High-waisted jeans. If you’re old enough to remember the SNL Mom Jean sketch, you’re old enough to remember thinking high rise jeans were the polar opposite of cool. Now, it’s nearly impossible to find anything lower than a mid-rise and Mom Jeans are the most coveted denim style. I recommend Levi’s Ribcage. They’re super high waist (12″!), but almost everyone I introduce to these jeans falls in love with them.

1. Scrunchies and headbands. I never would have guessed that in the year 2021, as an almost 40-year-old adult woman, I’d be rocking scrunchies and headbands in public. But here we are. My favorite scrunchies are giant and look like a piece of art on my head, and a simple elegant headband is my secret weapon for instantly elevating any look.

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