Twee Hair Is the Next Big Hairstyle Trend

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  • “Twee” hair is rising in popularity thanks to the resurgence of the aesthetic on TikTok.
  • The look is a nod to popular ’50s hairstyles but with a modern twist.
  • We asked a professional hairstylist the best way to achieve twee hair at home.

If you take a quick peek at TikTok right now, there’s a high chance that you will see numerous videos of people in colored tights, frilly skirts, and flats. They suspiciously also might have brown hair and bangs. No, this isn’t the soft launch of another “Charmed” reboot; instead, we seem to be on the precipice of an entirely different kind of resurgence: the twee aesthetic.

According to Merriam Webster, twee is defined as “excessively or affectedly quaint, pretty, or sentimental.” As such, the twee aesthetic is a nod to the retro styles that were popular in the ’50s and ’60s and that made an extreme resurgence in 2010. While there seems to be a split on how welcome the look is in fashion, the twee hair aesthetic is being embraced with open arms — just look at TV show characters like Lexi Howard from “Euphoria” and Jessica Day from “New Girl.”

What exactly is twee hair? Is the style achievable from home? We spoke to an expert hairstylist to give us all the details we need about 2022’s next big hairstyle trend.

What Is Twee Hair?

“Twee hair is the new trend that can be called regular girl hair or simple girl hair,” says Keka Heron, trichologist and owner of De’ Anasa Hair Care. As with other trends seeing a resurgence this year, Heron says the recent popularity of twee hair is because people want beauty to be simple and effortless. “This is the perfect look for that [effortless] way of life.”

While not explicitly stated as a characteristic of the trend, twee hair also seems to also be synonymous with brunette hair (although we feel like the recent rise of the expensive brunette trend may also have something to do with that).

How to Achieve Twee Hair

Dakota Johnson, Zooey Deschanel, and Maude Apatow have all provided endless inspiration for what twee hair should look like, but Heron has a few tips for properly achieving the style sans daily glam squad. “To get this look, first find a stylist that can give you great textured bangs that give you a little face framing and have very slight layers,” Heron says. Specifically you should ask for “textured bangs that hit around your eyebrows with subtle layers.”

Heron also says that the look is best when “the hair has a little texture and scattered, messy waves. The best way to achieve this is to use a one- to two-inch curling iron with flexible hair spray to secure the style.” She recommends the Amika Fluxus Touchable Hold Hair Spray ($25) and the Kristin Ess Dry Finish Texture Spray ($14), but the decision on whether to use a one- or two-inch curler depends on your hair length.

While not everyone is enthused to see the twee aesthetic making its rounds once more, at least we can all agree that twee hair is a fun nod to those ’50s hairstyles that we all know and love. Plus, it’s a much easier way to get in on the “Euphoria” beauty trends without spending hours in front of a mirror . . .

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