We Evaluation the Frio Hang: Is It Simply Any other Chilly Shoe or One thing Other?

When you wish to have to position a flashgun in an atypical spot, it would transform tough. An organization referred to as Frio provides an answer. Even though it’s not the one resolution in the marketplace, it’s in all probability a super one. I attempted the Frio Hang to determine.

They name it the one bloodless shoe you’ll be able to accept as true with. The Frio Hang is principally one other bloodless shoe that permits you to use your flashgun at a location rather then your digicam’s sizzling shoe. So why is it various from the opposite bloodless sneakers to be had in the marketplace?

The machine that Frio provides is in response to the Frio Hang, a small piece of molded polymer that may be fixed with a 1/4 inch or a three/8 inch thread. It may be hooked up at once to a tripod, mild stand, or video rig. Your flashgun or different instrument is held in position by means of a locking machine; Easy and efficient.

The Frio Hang is a part of a modular machine that provides all kinds of equipment to position a flash or every other sizzling shoe equipment at any location. The Frio Hang is simply the bloodless shoe. You want to mix it with probably the most different equipment from the Frio machine to get essentially the most out of it.

The Frio Hang, Frio Stand, and Frio Arch

The Frio Hang is an easy bloodless shoe and it really works properly. There’s not anything extra to it. Some flashes just like the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT are designed to make the mount climate resistant. The rubber seal makes it just a little harder to glue and detach the flash onto the Frio Hang. The Profoto A1 flash and not using a rubber seal is more uncomplicated to glue and detach.

The flash is securely mounted however the Frio Hang provides no longer a lot flexibility in itself. You’ll connect it to a tripod or mild stand, however that’s it. The Frio Stand is the Frio Hang fitted onto a small adapter with a 5/8 inch connection. Nonetheless, the Frio Stand has no manner of pointing the flash in any respect rather then directly ahead, but even so the tilted flash head risk itself. If you wish to have extra flexibility, you wish to have the Frio Arch.

The Frio Arch is a chilly shoe setup with a small ball head. It may be connected to a 1/4 inch mount and lets you direct the flash in any path. It’s principally a mini ball head with the Frio Stand hooked up to it. I believe the Frio Arch is the minimal setup you wish to have for any flexibility. 

The Frio Take hold of Mini and Take hold of Bigi

It turns into extra fascinating when the Frio Arch is mixed with the Take hold of Mini or Take hold of Bigi. Those clamps are low profile and will let you connect your instrument to any spherical or flat floor. And it really works nice. The 3rd touch level permits a safe mounting on anything else spherical. Use a pole, railing, desk edge, or no matter is to be had.

The Take hold of Bigi is the larger model of the Take hold of Mini. It additionally has a pleasant 3rd touch level which is very important for balance. You will have to have the ability to use it as a mini tripod, however with a heavy flash I wouldn’t accept as true with it that a lot.

There’s something you wish to have to concentrate on. The relationship between the Frio Arch and the Clamp itself can turn out to be free when a flash is positioned at a 90-degree attitude. The load of the flash is sufficient to unscrew the Frio Arch. If conceivable, rotate the clamp 180 levels so the burden is with the screw thread. This manner it’s going to keep mounted.

The Frio Dangle

If a flash must be positioned close to a replicate, window, or every other nonporous floor, the Frio Dangle would possibly come in useful. It’s a suction cup with a vacuum pump that secures the Frio Dangle amazingly neatly. The pump has a visible indicator so that you understand it’s secured.

I used it on a couple of nonporous surfaces and it really works nice. It stayed secured for lots of hours, so it sort of feels devoted. Once more, the Frio Arch is connected to the Dangle, and if the flash is at an attitude, make certain the burden is with the screw thread.

Is the Frio Hang the Absolute best Chilly Shoe or Now not?

There are lots of bloodless shoe answers to be had. The Frio Hang is simply one other one and I believe this is a easy however efficient one. Frio states it’s the most productive bloodless shoe ever, despite the fact that that can be tough to end up. Something’s evidently, it holds your equipment rather well, however you wish to have to make use of it together with probably the most different Frio merchandise for max flexibility. Even though the Frio Hang could also be the most productive bloodless shoe, if it’s no longer hooked up securely to the opposite merchandise, it’s going to nonetheless fail you.

Up till now, I used a swivel bloodless shoe adapter that fixes my flash with a screw knob. That works completely, even supposing you need to watch out to not tighten the screw an excessive amount of. It’s a flexible machine, that permits me to glue the swivel to a gentle stand, tripod, or an excellent clamp.

The Frio Hang is far more uncomplicated and sooner in use. You simply have to slip the flash in, and it’s safe. However you’re no longer accomplished with the Frio Hang by myself. It best turns into a flexible machine if in case you have the Frio Arch, Take hold of Mini, or Take hold of Bigi. That can end up an important funding altogether. It’s anything to concentrate on. For those who’re advantageous with the funding, the Frio machine could also be a super one to make use of.

What I Preferred

  • Safe mount
  • Versatile machine
  • Smartly-designed clamps
  • Low profile

What I Didn’t Like

  • Weight of flash can unscrew the Frio Arch
  • 3rd touch level makes attachment Take hold of Bigi harder
  • Take hold of Bigi isn’t strong sufficient to be used as mini tripod
  • Dear if you wish to have the whole flexibility of the Frio machine


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