Weatherproof Blondo Boots Are the Shoe I Pack on Every Winter Vacation

Weatherproof Blondo Boots Are the Shoe I Pack on Every Winter Vacation

When it comes to winter footwear, there’s always the same dilemma: you want to wear your cutest boots, but you don’t want to ruin your cutest boots in the snow and elements that come with the year’s coldest months. For years, I was on the hunt for the perfect winter boot: something trendy but comfortable, warm but not fur-lined, and waterproof so I didn’t have to remember to spray it with protectant or worry about ruining them anytime I wore them in the snow or winter rain. I found that exact shoe from Blondo.

The company makes weatherproof (we’re talking rain, snow, hail, the whole shebang) boots that you would, upon first glance, never know were more technical than the average bootie. And that’s exactly the point: their styles come in suede and leather—but the fabrics are protected with an AquaProtect seal, meaning water droplets roll right off. (It even protects the shoes against the salt and calcium mixes spread on most urban streets.) The seams are sealed, so you won’t have any residual moisture sneaking through, and most of the zippers are weatherproof, too. 

My Blondo Chelsea boots are now one of my winter go-to’s, especially when I’m traveling. (I’ll take any chance I get to pack one less thing in my suitcase—especially when it’s a combo of clunky snow boots and winter shoes.) They’re comfortable enough for me to take out on long walking tours, have enough traction to keep me upright on city sidewalks, and I can leave my hotel knowing that whatever turn the weather takes, I won’t be rushing back to change out of flooded shoes. They’ve also stood the test of time: I’ve worn my pair of Blondos for three years now, and have only had the rubberized heels replaced once—the leather upper has stayed perfectly intact. 

While Chelsea boots are a fall and winter classic, Blondo makes weatherproof footwear in a multitude of styles that are all in stock at Nordstrom. Yes, you can find traditional, faux-shearling-lined winter wear with extra traction in their Devin style, but there are also over-the-knee boots, heeled suede booties with a nearly three-inch lift, and chunky leather boots with sock detailing. Fine them all in a range of neutrals, from black leather to cognac suede, and muted colors like olive and wine. 

Admittedly, the only shortcoming is that while they’re weatherproof, they’re not totally winter-proof. Your toes might get a little cold if you’re tromping around in the snow in thin socks, so make sure when ordering, you factor thicker socks into your size if you’re planing on heading out in below-30 temps. I waffle between a 9.5 and a 10 and the 10 was a perfect fit with thicker socks in mind.

Want to check Blondo boots out for yourself? Here are a few of our favorite waterproof styles this season:

Sierra over-the-knee boot

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