Wedding planning in Anderson, SC? Advice on venues, vendors, budgeting

COVID has thrown quite the curveball at the wedding industry and Fairey coins 2022 as “the makeup year.”

July is the month where inquiries and emails quadrupled for the venue as all the make-up weddings mixed with new weddings, Fairey said.

A typical day for her is a juggling game of leading potential clients through venue tours, answering calls, replying to emails, helping some of at least 50 couples at a time work out the details of their day— oh and last-minute rescheduling a wedding if someone connected to the wedding party gets COVID. 

You know, the usual.

Her advice? 

“Don’t freak out about the rush of everything right now,” she said. “Honestly the people that have the best weddings, plan it out farther in advance. Slowing down a little bit is not a bad thing.”

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