WESA’s 100th Showcases Bold 2022 Fashion Trends

WESA’s 100th Showcases Bold 2022 Fashion Trends

From WESAs 100th anniversary opening night fashion show to the final Trade Show day, we discovered plenty of exciting new fashion trends for 2022.

The Western & English Sales Association’s (WESA) January 2022 Trade Show has come and gone, but we cannot get over the grandeur of it all. Western and English retailers from across the nation came together at Dallas Market Center to celebrate WESA’s 100th anniversary.

The WESA Trade Show has promoted and preserved the Western industry and lifestyle since 1922. The anniversary celebration kicked off with a fashion show, featuring some of the 550 exhibitors’ pieces, followed by a celebration of the 2022 awards, anniversary honorees, and giveaways. Throughout the winter event, there were also daily parties as part of the 100th anniversary celebration.

2022 Western Fashion Trends

Bolder Color Palettes

Bolder colors will again take center stage in 2022. We love our neutrals, but we’re excited about the bolder, richer hues.

Spring color scheme: snow pink and blue, and light greens. Liberty Black’s boots are fresh enough to spring us forward to warmer weather.
Fall color scheme: rich earth tones. More chocolate browns, beautiful olive greens, vibrant golds, and mineral blues with pops of magenta. Tasha Polizzi’s Adirondack Blanket Coat in mulberry is a beautiful example of these colors.

Upcoming boot styles from Liberty Black.

Tasha Polizzi coat in Mulberry.


Rough-out Boots

Boots are a must, and the rough-out leather is having its moment. We saw plenty in bright colors, like Fenoglio’s, but we also spied several in olive green, like one boot from Justin Boot’s upcoming vintage line.

Fenoglio’s new “Easter Egg” Rough-out boots.

Justin Boot’s upcoming vintage line features an olive green rough-out cowgirl boot.


Retro Western

Many Western designers have taken inspiration from vintage Western patterns and revived them for newer styles and fits. Yokes are making their way into mainstream fashion, too.


New Pant Fits

Wide-leg and straight-leg pants are also new trends for 2022. Western Vogue Boutique shows the wide-leg fit and Rock and Roll Denim pants show the straight-leg fit.

Western Vogue Boutique’s Classy Cowgirl collection.

Rock & Roll Denim’s suede pants were one of Shaley Ham’s Top Product Picks.


Maxi Skirts

Long skirts are making a comeback just in time for spring and summer.


Check out more from the WESA January 2022 Trade Show, hosted by Dallas Market Center, and be on the lookout for new trends coming your way.

Photography: (Cover image, fashion show) courtesy Western & English Sales Association; (Tasha Polizzi coat) courtesy Tasha Polizzi; (Rock & Roll Denim) courtesy Shaley Ham; (Classic Cowgirl collection) courtesy Western Vogue Boutique; (all others) courtesy Kaylee Brister

WESA’s 100th Showcases Bold 2022 Fashion Trends

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