What kind of shoes will suit me?

If you’re unsure about what type of shoe to get it’s good to consider your personal style. Besides your personal preference about style, the color of your new shoes are also very important. What kind of footwear you will buy probably also depends on the season. Read further to find out which shoes will suit you.

Determine your style

Do you wear a terry cloth polo everyday or are you more into wearing flannels? If you take a close look into your style you will probably know what you like and dislike. Maybe you’re used to wearing sneakers in neutral colors but your overall style is casual but still a bit chic. If you like formal wear but not really looking for something so formal that you cannot wear it everyday you might want to go halfway. For example, espadrilles men are timeless and can be worn in every kind of occasion.


You can try any kind of shoe, after you have decided what kind of model you would like to try on you can pick a color. If you’re not looking for a different model than you’re used to it’s a good idea to choose another color. With picking a color you should consider the colors of your wardrobe. Will this type of color go with your coat, pants, shirts and other clothing? It’s nice to have a pair of shoes that you can wear with almost all of your clothing.


The type of season influences the clothes and shoes you wear. In the summer you will probably look for something that is more light instead of heavy. If you live in a country where it is almost always sunny you will have to choose some airy material. Do you live somewhere with lots of rain? Then your shoes need to be waterproof. Choose your shoes based on the weather and upcoming seasons.


What kind of shoes will look best on you really depends on your personal style. It’s good to sometimes try something new, just consider your wardrobe and if it will fit with most of the colors and styles you wear. Next to the style and colors, the season also affects the decision of buying shoes. It’s good to have comfortable shoes for the current or upcoming season, for example make sure they are waterproof or airy.

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