What to Ask Your Lash Tech If You might be New to Eyelash Extensions

What to Ask Your Lash Tech If You might be New to Eyelash Extensions

If you happen to’re taking into consideration getting eyelash extensions or have already made an appointment, congratulations! You’re about to get probably the most glamorous therapies round.

They’ve been round for slightly a while now, however it may be tricky to grasp what to invite for when you’re no longer neatly versed on the earth of lash extensions!

Seek ‘eyelash extensions’ on Instagram or Google Photographs, and also you’ll be met with all approach of lash seems to be from the mega quantity to cat taste to wispy hybrids – however what does all of that imply, and what when you don’t desire a daring lash glance? Neatly, fortunate for you, we’re right here that will help you buckle down and do the minefield this is eyelash extensions!

What precisely are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are – typically talking – constructed from artificial fiber. Once we follow eyelash extensions, we use a couple of tremendous fine-tipped tweezers to isolate a unmarried one among your pure lashes and follow a unmarried extension (or fan of extensions, if in case you have a quantity lash set) to that eyelash. We repeat this till each and every of your lashes is roofed.

Varieties of eyelash extensions


Mink eyelash extensions are a really perfect selection if you need a pure glance. Actual mink fur makes those appear and feel very pure. They’re, then again, the most costly form of eyelash extension.


For an inexpensive selection, believe artificial eyelash extensions. Those are constructed from artificial fibers, in order that they’re no longer as comfortable as mink eyelash extensions. If you need a pure glance, they’re nonetheless a good selection.


For one thing a little bit extra dramatic, take a look at silk eyelash extensions. Silk fibers make those very comfortable and natural-looking. On the other hand, they’re additionally dear.

The appliance you need

There are lots of techniques eyelash extensions can also be implemented in the case of quantity and protection, however simply to begin out great and easy, we’ll move over the principle 3 – classics, hybrids, and quantity.

Vintage lashes are occasionally referred to easily as ‘unmarried lash extensions’ as they’re precisely that – one unmarried eyelash extension put on one unmarried pure lash. Those can also be tremendous refined, give a mascara impact, and even be a little bit extra dramatic, relying on precisely which lashes are used.

Quantity lashes are constructed from lash ‘enthusiasts’ – those are a lot finer than the lashes used to create vintage lash units and, as such, can also be made into little enthusiasts that create fluffy quantity seems to be to your lashes. Quantity (like the whole lot else associated with eyelash extensions) is available in many bureaucracy. In most cases, your lash technician will make the enthusiasts via hand as they paintings. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to get premade quantity enthusiasts too, which saves a little bit of time for you and your lash tech whilst giving you a similar wonderful effects.

Hybrid lashes, very merely, are a mix of vintage and quantity lashes – relying at the glance, you’re hoping your lash tech may use extra classics than quantity enthusiasts or vice versa or may go for an excellent 50/50 cut up.

So what will have to you ask your lash technician while you e-book your appointment?

Perceive the fundamentals of eyelash extension care

Your lash tech will be capable to fill you in on all of the main points, but it surely’s useful to grasp a couple of issues going into your appointment. Lash extensions are semi-permanent, which means they’ll remaining any place from 4-6 weeks with correct care. Be sure you ask your lash tech about the easiest way to deal with your extensions and what form of merchandise to make use of.

Know what works for you

Whilst you’re getting lash extensions, you’ve got many choices in the case of duration, thickness, and curl. Be sure you ask your lash tech about what is going to paintings perfect in your eye form and what glance you’re going for.


Lash extensions require some repairs. You’ll want to get them refilled each and every 4-6 weeks, and you’ll want to get them trimmed every now and then. Be sure you ask your lash tech about the easiest way to deal with your extensions to stay them browsing their perfect.

Asking questions is the easiest way to be sure you have a really perfect revel in together with your lash extensions. Be sure you ask your lash tech about anything else you’re not sure of prior to your appointment.

how to ask for eyelash extensions


Once we talk about styling, we’re speaking in regards to the form of the eyelash extensions – there are 3 ‘primary’ shapes, however – when you haven’t guessed according to each and every different side of lash extensions – there are diversifications to how those can glance relying on how they’re implemented. You’re not likely to want to know the precise styling your lash tech makes use of, however when you’re anything else like us, chances are you’ll in finding this attention-grabbing anyway!

Dolly or open eye

Refers to slightly a symmetrical styling the place the longest lash extensions are implemented to the center of the attention, and the lengths get shorter as they paintings against the corners of your eyes.

Squirrel styling

No, we don’t know why they selected squirrel because the title of this!) is a horny common taste the place shaping is anxious because it follows the pure arch of the brows and the standard enlargement of the pure lashes.

Cat taste

Characterised via longer lengths at the outer corners of the eyes, it offers a horny little flick! Cat types are essentially the most usually advisable form, because it’s what everybody has heard of. On the other hand, it in reality fits only a few other folks as it will possibly reason the eyes to appear unhappy because of the additional duration on the ends of the eyes.

Questions to invite

  • How steadily will have to I blank my lashes?
  • What sort of cleanser will have to I exploit?
  • How can I save you my lash extensions from falling out upfront?
  • What will have to I do if I’ve an hypersensitivity to the lash adhesive?

Final analysis

So there you’ve got it – the fundamentals of eyelash extensions and what to invite your lash tech for! The extra you glance into lashes, and the extra you get them, the extra types and appears you’ll come throughout, and the extra creativity you’ll be able to manage to pay for your lash tech!

Up to we LOVE that spiky, wispy quantity units we see all over the place social media, our fair recommendation to you is to begin small – both move with classics or very mild quantity and let your lash technician know that you prefer to one thing extra pure in order that they are able to make a choice much less dramatic curls and lengths.

Whilst eyelash extensions – when implemented as it should be – are light-weight and received’t weigh your pure lashes down in any respect. Going from by no means having eyelash extensions to having a dramatic quantity set will really feel heavy, and also you’ll most probably finally end up no longer liking them!

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