What’s the Distinction Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Moissanite?

It’s a not unusual false impression that each lab grown diamonds and Moissanite are fakes. It’s additionally a false impression {that a} lab grown diamonds and Moissanite are the similar factor. Nor is true. Whilst lab grown diamonds aren’t shaped throughout the earth naturally, they’re nonetheless diamonds by way of trade requirements. In the meantime, Moissanite is a completely other stone altogether. (Cubic zirconia, however, is regarded as a diamond simulant.)

For plenty of causes, naturally mined diamonds are shedding a bit of in their luster in society. For lots of, this can be on account of the real financial value of a diamond—however human rights problems and the environmental aftermath of mining for those rocks could also be a priority. After all, if you happen to’re a traditionalist, one thing instead of a diamond ring would possibly look like a overseas thought.

For this reason in recent times, {couples} have began looking for out much less dear and extra sustainable choices for rings, with out straying from the “diamond engagement ring” thought. If this sounds such as you, you may believe lab grown diamonds or Moissanite in your engagement ring or marriage ceremony band. However ahead of you do, you will have to know the variation, as they aren’t the similar.

What’s a lab grown diamond?

A diamond engagement ring in a pink box.

A lab grown diamond is chemically the similar factor as a herbal diamond. Each are manufactured from natural carbon. The one distinction is that it’s created in a lab as opposed to mined from the earth. Visually, they’re the similar. Even knowledgeable received’t have the ability to inform the variation except they have got skilled apparatus.

Whilst lab grown diamonds have a tendency to have higher readability (AKA fewer inclusions), they’re nonetheless at risk of them. So, simply because it’s artifical doesn’t imply it’s going to be very best. As in the past said, then again, those are nonetheless categorized as actual diamonds so it’s imaginable to search out one with a correct certification, if this is essential to you. And highest of all, those are original diamonds which can be conflict-free. So, if you happen to’re fascinated by environmental or humanitarian problems however nonetheless need the true factor, this can be your best choice for you.

What’s a Moissanite?

A diamond engagement ring in a pink box.

Moissanite can happen naturally, however it is rather uncommon. It used to be first found out in 1893 by way of Dr. Henri Moissan at a meteorite crash website in Arizona. Maximum Moissanites lately are made in a lab. While each mined and lab grown diamonds are made out of natural carbon, Moissanite is in fact silicon carbide—that means it’s made out of each carbon and silica, making it a completely other crystal than a diamond. Imagine it or now not, a Moissanite’s distinctive composition makes it about two times as radiant and noticeably extra colourful than another diamond.

What’s the distinction between a lab grown diamond and Moissanite?

A woman's hand wearing a diamond engagement ring and wedding band.

Should you’re bearing in mind a diamond however aren’t prepared at the mined model, you may well be caught deciding between a Moissanite or a lab grown diamond. Let’s take a look at one of the most key elements that may assist you to make a selection.


Finances-conscious {couples} may discover a Moissanite extra sexy than a lab grown diamond for the reason that worth distinction is fairly noticeable. While the fee for a lab grown diamond levels round 30-50% greater than that of a mined diamond, Moissanite is particularly less expensive—as low as 5-10% of a mined diamond. Each have little resale price, however even herbal diamonds will most likely get you round 50% again from their authentic value except your stone is of a undeniable importance.


A diamond is rated a ten/10 at the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it the toughest substance on this planet. A Moissanite comes very shut, starting from 9.25/10 to 9.5/10, so it’s secure to mention that it merits 2nd position. On the finish of the day, each are similarly as sturdy and appropriate for even probably the most energetic way of life. Each are positive to final a life-time.


Moissanite naturally comes as colorless or with a slight yellow tint. On the other hand, lab made Moissanite can occasionally be lined with a restricted vary of sunglasses. If a singular colour is essential to you, you may well be at an advantage opting for a lab grown diamond, as they are able to be made in each colour.

Environmental and Social Affect

{Couples} are changing into more and more enthusiastic about diamond possible choices, particularly bearing in mind the recognition they get for damaging mining practices, unsafe running stipulations, and kid and slave hard work. Because of this, a Moissanite may also be the very best possibility if you happen to love the glance of a diamond, however are fascinated by ethics surrounding them.

Is a Moissanite value purchasing over a diamond?

Except having “the true factor” is essential to you, a Moissanite could also be a sensible acquire. It’s considerably less expensive and, one may argue, equivalent and even higher having a look than a diamond itself. In the end, an engagement ring is (optimistically) a once-in-a-lifetime acquire so there’s no explanation why to not splurge on a vintage. However we are hoping the comparability between the 2 above will assist you to in making the most efficient determination.

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