“When Will You Obtain Enjoy?”

“When Will You Obtain Enjoy?”

So a lot of purchasers who are unattached and yearning question the old query, “When will I locate appreciate?” It’s actually a very good astrological query, and can be viewed in Western astrology by several various designs. Let us look at some of them. Of class, the most clear item to concentration on is Venus, the world of adore. (For “progressed”, consider secondary or photo voltaic arc.)


Progressed Venus conjunct Natal Sun (or vice versa, Progressed Sun conjunct Natal Venus) is typically the finest indicator of a 12 months when the universe throws open up the doors and really like walks into your life, and when you would attract one more to you who has affectionate emotions for you. This is a time in lifetime when you would not be meant to be by yourself. Nonetheless, the adore object may perhaps not be a passionate or everlasting a person. My circumstance reports reveal that, in one instance, this sample discovered the time period that a little one was adopted by a by no means-married solitary father or mother (the youngster being the real soul mate ), and in a further, the pattern pointed to a appreciate affair that place the final nail in a disintegrating relationship and established the specific on an vital lifetime route… but did not final result in marriage. In the former situation, the mom also experienced Progressed Venus getting into H7 (a further noticeable prognosticator) and conjuncting the Natal Aspect of Fortune therein, and in the latter, the relationship could be observed in retrospect as an significant soul arrangement nevertheless not intended to result in permanence. Progressed Venus conjunct Progressed Sunshine (or vice versa, Progressed Sunshine conjunct Progressed Venus) is really equivalent in nature, as would be Progressed Venus conjunct ruler of H7. In the latter circumstance, the nature of the world performing as ruler would enormously impact the form of partnership formed. For case in point, if Saturn, quite possibly an more mature or really serious husband or wife if Mercury, a young or helpful sort.

Furthermore, Progressed Venus conjunct Sun/ or Moon/Descendant midpoint, Progressed Sun conjunct Venus/Descendant midpoint, or Progressed Ascendant or Descendant conjunct Sun/ Venus midpoint would also be good indicators of a period in the lifetime-clock for the duration of which a liked just one may show up. (My observation is that this quest for adore is just not definitely just about romance, due to the fact that’s not often long lasting. The serious challenge would seem to be about permanence in adore – that is, marriage or a prolonged-lasting marriage – so I will concentration on H7 somewhat than H5.)

Conversely, Progressed Sunshine conjunct Venus/Ascendant midpoint may well sign a love connection (depending on the rulerships of the Sunshine or Venus), but may just as conveniently show a interval of comfort, self-adore and personalized beautification. For those who get the job done with declinations, very similar indicators would also been viewed by Sunlight/Venus, Venus/Ascendant or Venus/MC parallels.

Of course, really should any of these pleasant features occur at a pretty younger age, their rewards will be really significantly squandered in conditions of longterm attachments, but there are stories of youngsters bonding with a mate or neighbor who later becomes their real really like… or at the very least their lifelong buddy.

A Venusian progression to itself – that is, Progressed Venus conjunct Natal Venus – can only take place when the Natal Venus is retrograde at beginning, and then turns immediate through the lifetime, or when a Natal (immediate) Venus turns retrograde. And considering that Venus’ retrograde lasts about 43 days (hence, 43 a long time by progression), remaining born closest to its stationing would very best be certain ample time for this return to manifest. These types of a interval will emphasize the character of Venus’ natal significance at the identical time that it delivers its Venusian attributes to the forefront. If natally effectively-aspected, happiness can be brought forward if afflicted, fiscal, intimate, or indulgency challenges can be emphasized.

OTHER Designs

But in addition to these apparent involvements of Venus, there are other conducive designs as perfectly. A little a lot less apparent are:

Each time the angles are associated with Venus or H7, there is a superior probability of appreciate showing in one’s lifetime, these types of as Progressed Ascendant/Descendant strongly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7, usually a beneficial signal for marriage, or Progressed MC strongly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7, an additional good time for adore, even if the features are difficult (mainly because, following all, how really hard can a Venus component be?). In actuality, either of these would be superb to timetable a wedding day all over, as would Progressed ruler of H7 strongly aspecting Natal or Progressed Venus. Even a much less evident facet, such as Ruler of H7 in a possible element to an angle or a really like-linked planet, could possibly predispose to a marriage-form energy.

A Progressed Venus in significant facet to Natal Neptune is regularly found at instances of romantic situations this kind of as weddings, but tends to glamorize the feelings and cloud the fact of the marriage. These kinds of unions will confront bigger-than-common trials concerning the longevity of the marriage, but can unquestionably survive the development if an work is produced soon after its passage to deal with the fewer-than-ideal traits of the companion that would then be revealed.

Then there are indicators for romantic relationship that just typically emphasize its likely, these kinds of as Progressed Moon into Libra or H7, or Progressed planets into H7, or even the Involvement of the Vertex when found in H7. (The Vertex, typically located in Properties 5-8, by my observation is effective as a fulcrum close to which vital gatherings are shaped thus, if in H7, essential partnerships will be accented when the Vertex is activated.) If the natal chart has planets in H7, progressions or outer earth transits to them will definitely intensify relationships (but these kinds of horoscopes will normally be working with associates – or outcomes of the lack thereof – as that was section of the lifetime prepare). Venus-Moon styles generally final result in an individual’s common contentment, but do not automatically show romantic involvement sometimes they sign the birth of kids.

In regards to harmony in a relationship when formed, glance to a person partner’s Progressed Venus tracking another’s Progressed Sun, and vice versa, or each Progressed Venuses monitoring every single other (a problem not generally revealed by conjunctions in between comparative Venuses in the natal charts, considering the fact that this event will be determined by the age change amongst the two persons as nicely as their natal patterns). Of training course, the topic of synastry is a individual a person, to be utilized right after a romance has been formed in buy to assess the optimistic and adverse probable between the two horoscopes, and so does not fall into the parameters of this article.

A lot less Likely TO BE Permanent

Eventually, there are patterns that might spark enjoy, but supply the the very least extensive-time period assurance of permanence:

Transiting outer planets conjunct Natal or Progressed Venus or ruler of H7 will perform up the features of these planets, but can be unpleasant or fleeting just as easily as the reverse, dependent on the meaning of the transiting world or the natal opportunity of the transited earth. For instance, Uranus about Venus may lend an thrilling but impermanent adore working experience although Saturn could be either restrictive or major. Neptune would possibly bring about delusional fantasies about the husband or wife or convey a weak or compromised individual into one’s existence whom a single would would like to rescue. And Pluto, of program, would most likely present a powerfully transformative expertise that could change one’s technique to sexual intercourse, appreciate or money without end! Transiting outer planets into H7, on the other hand, would probable highlight the have to have to deal closely with others, but far considerably less probably, the arrival of love.

A Wrong Dread

Any person who trusts in the truths of astrology really should discard forever the worry that growing older ruins your prospects for like. It can be a fantasy. For instance, I had a 70-12 months-aged female customer, an artist, who identified a suitor when her Progressed Sunshine was sextile her Ascendant while her Progressed Venus was opposite her Moon, and his Progressed Venus was trine his Neptune, crossing his South Node. (The latter pattern shows a like-relationship from prior lifetimes.) Once intended to occur (by any of these afore- outlined patterns), the universe will go to terrific lengths to place two people jointly. Individuals will fulfill “accidentally” or on distant outings to spots they will hardly ever revisit, or will be released by a third bash who will by no means once more look in both of their life. Coincidence or synchronicity will abound, and the non-astrologer will continue being impressed by this kind of “luck,” whereas the astrologer will nod knowingly as the Divine Strategy is disclosed as a result of cosmic mathematics.

When a person of these patterns kicks into your chart, you can expect to look at the door of appreciate open up huge in your coronary heart. But it will be up to you to retain its flame kindled thereafter. One particular caveat, nevertheless: as I said prior to, Venus symbolizes really like, not automatically among two intimate companions. I have a number of examples in my information in which a person of these styles brought a soul-mate into the lifestyle in the kind of a beloved child. Venus can also symbolize enjoyment and money wellbeing. The right match can even carry enjoyable financial situations alongside with like (such as marrying properly), if the horoscope predisposes. But if the natal chart doesn’t do so, then good Venusian elements will convey other types of adore (these kinds of as the over-described under no circumstances-married adopter whose challenging Natal Sagittarius Sunshine/Moon/Saturn t-square precluded marital opportunities in the incarnation).

Circumstance Studies

Some case reports of Venusian patterns revealing solid appreciate-primarily based situations in my files are as follows:

Forty-6-calendar year-aged widow meets 2nd spouse – Progressed Sunshine semi-sextile progressed Venus, and Progressed Moon into H7.

Seventy-12 months-old-female is courted – Progressed Sunlight sextile Ascendant, and Progressed Venus reverse Moon.

Divorced woman meets next partner – He: Progressed Venus conjunct Sunshine Her: Transiting Uranus conjunct Venus, and Progressed Moon in Libra. Everyday living-transforming affair for feminine: Progressed Venus conjunct Sun.

To start with marriage for youthful qualified bachelor – Progressed Venus sextile Ascendant, and sextile Node Progressed Moon into H7.

(This article at first released in the February 2004 problem of Dell Horoscope journal. Reprinted with permission.)

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