Woman deemed ‘bridezilla’ over her major wedding venue complaint: ‘They should plan better’

Woman deemed ‘bridezilla’ over her major wedding venue complaint: ‘They should plan better’

A woman went head-to-head with a wedding party that tried to take over her husband’s birthday party.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to share her story. She planned a surprise party for her husband months in advance. She even paid to reserve a rec room in her apartment complex. But on the day of the birthday party, an entire wedding party showed up claiming it was their space.

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“I planned a surprise party for my husband’s 40th birthday,” she explained. “Our building has a seldom-used large rec room with outside space. For a fee, reservations can be made at the front desk concierge. I reserved all day of the 4th back in July. Saturday morning a friend and I find decorations on the tables and food out. I went down to the front desk and ask they send someone up to help clean from the night before (a service covered by the deposit). When I get back my friend is in an argument with a group of people. The group claiming it’s reserved by them for a wedding. The man sent up to clean grabs the concierge who confirmed I had the reservation. One group member (assuming groom) claims they booked in May, but do not have a confirmation email and when asked for any proof of deposit he said ‘it’s free to use.’ To me, it’s evident they’d never booked it or did not complete the booking. The space is free only without reservation.” 

She held her ground but it didn’t matter because the concierge sided with her over the wedding party. 

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“The group suggests I move to the next day,” she wrote. “Not possible, we had other plans. The bride whines that it’s not fair; they had to postpone from 2020, all venues are booked now and how she settled for this setup so she could get married before she can’t fit into her dress because she’s pregnant. My friend and I don’t buy it. The concierge had them moved citing the reservation and deposit in my name. My husband’s party went as planned [and] was a great time. Today a neighbor and I were unlucky enough to be in the elevator with the bride, when getting out she audibly muttered ‘b****’ at me. I filled her in on the drama. She sides with the couple saying I should have just moved our party to the grills since it was only a birthday.” 

Reddit users thought the wedding party was at fault.

“Bridezilla should have actually planned her wedding,” one user said

“The wedding party didn’t do their due diligence,” another wrote

“Maybe they should plan better and check they have a reservation before they turn up,” someone added

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