45 Genius, Cheap Beauty Products On Amazon You’ll Wish You Got Sooner

I’m personally someone who doesn’t love spending a lot of money on makeup. Maybe it’s because I’m not a pro or just cheap in general, but I like my beauty finds to cost less than $20 if possible. I’ve compiled a list of the best of the best beauty products on Amazon and, trust me, you’re going to love them. These purchases come highly rated and reviewed. Take a look at these 45 genius, cheap products on Amazon you’ll wish you got sooner.

The best beauty products are the kinds that help you show yourself some love. Whether you’re boosting your confidence with a glossy lip tint or relaxing your mind with a glow-in-the-dark bath bomb, I’ve jam-packed this list with products you’ll wonder how you ever lived without. I’ve included a body brush that exfoliates the skin and reduces razor burn, as well as an electric foot file that leaves your feet silky smooth. These beauty hacks will make you feel pampered and beautiful without spending a fortune.

Also on this list are makeup products with cult followings. I’ve added a creme eyeshadow that comes in a convenient stick and has earned the coveted “#1 bestseller” distinction. There’s an eyeliner here that nourishes your lashes and a jelly highlighter that will give you a natural, dewy glow.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to feel like your best self. These genius products make it easy to upgrade your beauty routine for cheap.


The Bestselling Creme-To-Powder Eyeliner Stick

​​This creme-to-powder eye shadow has earned the coveted “#1 bestseller” title for eyeshadow on Amazon. With more than 17,000 reviews, this crowd-favorite shadow comes in a convenient pen, is highly pigmented, and is available in both matte and shimmer finishes. Not only are the colors beautiful, but they nourish your skin since they’re packed with vitamins C and E. No need for a brush: this shadow glides on.


These Microfiber Scrunchies That Dry Hair

These large microfiber scrunchies are the secret weapon you’ve been looking for and get this: it’s only $12 for a pack of two. These scrunchies are designed to absorb water to quickly dry your hair without heat. The super-soft material is gentle on your hair and ideal for keeping strands in place at the pool, beach, or during a quick shower. This pack has earned more than 8,000 reviews.


An Electronic Foot File For Removing Calluses

Skip the expensive salon and give yourself an at-home pedicure with this cheap electronic file and callus remover. With nearly 8,000 reviews, this tool comes with two roller heads: one for everyday maintenance and one for sloughing away stubborn dead skin. This multi-purpose tool is designed to smooth heels and toes, as well as the sides and balls of your feet. Plus it’s rechargeable and water-resistant.


The Peach Hand Cream That Reviewers Love

​​Keep your hands moisturized with his hand cream that’s surprisingly affordable and effective. It’s made with peach extract for extremely dry and cracked hands and nourishes and repairs the skin while relieving discomfort. It even creates a protective layer on the skin to prevent damage and keep hands moistened. A five-star review noted, “It’s some of the best smelling, feeling, effective moisturizers I’ve ever used.”


This Turmeric Face Mist That Evens Skin Tone

This tumeric facial mist can help tone and clarify blemish-prone skin for less than you’d think. Just hold the bottle upright and spritz it on your skin. The formula is made with natural spearmint, tea tree, citrus oils, shea butter, and turmeric, which soothes irritation and evens skin tone. This hand-crafted vegan facial mist is therapeutic for both your scenes and your skin and is made without any sulfates, parabens, or artificial color.


An Exfoliating Body Brush For Smoother Skin

Before you shave or wax, be sure to protect your skin from razor bumps or ingrown hairs by exfoliating. This brush eliminates dead skin to give you the smoothest surface possible while you shave. It’s safe to use on your face, armpits, legs, neck, and bikini line. Your skin will thank you, and at this price, so will your wallet.


The Eyeliner Pen That Doubles As Lash Serum

This may look like an ordinary eyeliner pen, but it does double duty for the same price. As you line your eyes, the formula coats the base of your eyelashes, nourishing, conditioning, and boosting their growth. This pen is available in three shades and is hypoallergenic — safe for even the most sensitive skin types. This liquid eyeliner has earned nearly 9,000 reviews and is just $8.


This Cooling Roller That Eliminates Puffy Eyes

Give your skin a boost each morning with this anti-puff eye-roller that you won’t be able to live without. The gel formula is made with vitamin C, mint, and caffeine that feels cool on your skin while reducing puffiness. Roll this over your eye area each day to feel more awake and alert. One reviewer noted, “I keep this in the refrigerator and use it under my eyes prior to applying makeup or just to refresh the area.”


A Conditioning Color-Depositing Hair Mask

Looking for an inexpensive pick-me-up for your hair? This color-depositing, conditioning mask is a quick, affordable solution that can extend the time between your salon visits. Apply the mask to towel-dried hair and allow it to sit for up to seven minutes. The argan oil formula hydrates your locks while depositing beautiful color that naturally fades over time. Choose from nine shades.


The Two-In-One Primer And Mascara Combo

Adding one extra step to your makeup routine will change the way your lashes look and this budget-friendly tool makes it even easier. This tube of two-in-one lash primer and mascara is double-sided so you can carry one less product around in your purse. The primer end is white and preps your lashes for the lengthening mascara. Each wand has molded bristles and a flexible wand that makes it easy to apply.


An Effective Body Cream For Dry, Chapped Skin

This all-over body cream is affordable and will replace your hand and face creams. The rich creamy formula is made with shea butter and glycerin that’s tough on dry skin without leaving a greasy feel. The versatile cream can be used on arms, legs, elbows, and hands, as well as sensitive places like your lips, face, and even on a baby’s skin.


This $10 Face Roller For Microneedling At Home

Get a glowing complexion for less than you think with this cult-favorite microdermabrasion microneedle face roller. It has tiny micro-needles that you painlessly roll over your skin to help reduce the look of pores and even fade acne scars over time. A professional session can cost hundreds of dollars but this tool lets you do it right at home for less than $10. Don’t miss out on this genius hack.


This Lip Tint That Lasts All Day For $7

Enhance your pout for less than $7 with this water-based lip tint. The semi-glossy formula features minerals, vitamins, and soapberry extracts that keep your lips moisturized and colorful all day. The long-lasting tint comes in eight shades, each in an adorable ice cream-inspired container.


A Charcoal Face Mask For Clearing Your T-Zone

If your t-zone needs a little TLC, try this charcoal face mask that’s less than $15. Paint this exfoliating mask on your skin and peel it off to remove blackheads, dead skin, and fine hairs. Your skin will be softer, smoother, and clearer after just one use. The secret is the power of volcano ash, along with witch hazel, sapphire powder, and charcoal. Just apply to your t-zone for up to 30 minutes before peeling it off to reveal glowing skin.


The Eyeliner Stamps That Make Cat Eyes Easy

This set of eyeliner stamps helps you achieve that perfect winged eye look while saving money. The pack comes with two pens, one for each eye. Each pen is double-sided with an eyeliner pen on one end and a stamped wing on the other. Use the stamp to create the “winged” portion and then use the pen to line the rest of your eye. The highly pigmented eyeliner is waterproof, smudge-proof, and lasts all day.


An Innovative Twist-Up Comb That Saves Money

This innovative twist-up comb makes it easier to get your ideal hair without spending a ton of money or sitting in a salon chair for hours. This stainless steel comb follows your curl pattern as you twist, gently twisting your hair into shape. The non-porous material ensures your hair product stays in your hair, not on your brush. It’s small enough to take with you on the go and can be washed with soap and water.


The Shampoo Brush That Your Scalp With Love

Treat yourself to a soothing scalp massage like the one you get at that expensive salon with this shampoo brush. The silicone bristles are soft and loosen product buildup while deep-cleaning your scalp. Plus you’ll love how it feels. For less than $10, you can give yourself a massage while easing any scalp itchiness and promoting blood circulation — which can encourage hair growth. You can use it on wet or dry hair, as well as short, long, thick, or thin hair.


This Makeup Eraser Pen For Touch Ups

Smudged makeup after traveling? This $8 makeup eraser stick is the genius Amazon find you need. The gel pen easily removes eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, or any other makeup. Thanks to the precision tip, it makes it easy to remove the makeup you want, while keeping the rest intact. Keep it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups.


The Nostalgic Lip Balm Character That Hydrates

Calling all kids (and kids at heart) who love a side of nostalgia with their beauty products. These lippy pals from Lip Smacker have been beloved characters since the ‘70s. On top of the adorable unicorn shape, this balm hydrates and protects your lips while offering a glamorous shine. It’s earned more than 14,000 reviews, including this one: “We used these for favors for a unicorn-themed little girl birthday party. The girls loved them and we gave extras to the moms. One mom said it reminded her of lip smackers when she was young and she was so happy to have it.”


An Oil-Absorbing Face Roller To Eliminate Shine

If you want to keep your makeup looking flawless all day long, this low-price oil-absorbing face roller is for you. The roller is made of volcanic stone, which soaks up oil without messing with your makeup. Roll it on your face to eliminate shine. It works similarly to blotting paper, however, it’s less wasteful since it can be reused. Just wash the stone with a gentle cleanser and air dry before putting the lid back on. Keep it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups or while traveling.


This Polish Barrier For Perfect At-Home Manis

Even if you’re not the best at painting nails, you can still get a perfect manicure at home thanks to this polish barrier. The liquid latex acts as a guard between your skin and polish, so even if you get a bit of polish on your skin, it will peel right off, along with the latex. Peel it off before your polish dries for a clean line that looks professional.


The Color-Changing Nail Polish With A Shimmery Finish

This nail polish changes colors based on the temperature, and get this — it’s only $16. The bottle of polish appears purple and blue with shimmery glitter. Two coats create an opaque coat that’s long-lasting and smooth. Watch the polish turn light blue as you venture outside in the cold and then back to a deep purple when you walk back into the heated house. It comes in 10 shades.


An Eyeshadow Palette That Looks Like A Note Pad

Looking for an eye shadow palette that can do it all and won’t cost a fortune? This cute eight-color eyeshadow palette is for you. It features nudes, shimmery shades, and deeper colors for a smoky eye, all within an adorable mini note pad format. Each shade is highly pigmented and easy to apply. For just $13, this palette can do an everyday eye look as well as something extra special. This is Amazon’s “#1 new release” in eyeshadows.


This Color Corrector To Smooth Your Complexion

Prep your skin for makeup with this one-step color corrector that brightens and evens your skin tone instantly. The serum features three colors: green for reducing redness, peach for lessening dark spots, and lavender for easing puffiness. Best of all? It’s less than $20.


This Alcohol-Free Toner To Refresh Skin

You can cleanse and tone your skin without stripping it of necessary moisture with this bottle of alcohol-free toner. It’s made with leaf and mineral water to soothe skin and restore hydration. Both lightweight and cooling, it leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and is safe for all skin types. It can be used as a cleanser, toner, or as a hydrating mist throughout the day.


The Body Primer That Makes You Sparkle All Day

Looking to make a statement? Try this inexpensive glitter primer that’s earned nearly 14,000 reviews. Unlike many glitter products, this one goes on easily and locks in adhesive glitter of all brands, so you don’t leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go. The lightweight formula is creamy and preps your face for makeup as well.


These Deodorant Wipes That Neutralize Odors

These innovative deodorant wipes are changing the way you freshen up. This 30 count of wipes is made with coconut milk and essential oils to refresh your arms and leave behind a calming scent. The chemical-free solution won’t irritate your skin as it naturally neutralizes odors from travel, working out, or warm days. Keep them in your gym bag or purse so they’re available whenever you need them.


This Five-Color Blush Palette With Mirror

If you like switching up your blush colors, this waterproof palette is for you. The budget-friendly compact set comes with five different shades of blush: rose pink, Barbie pink, cream orange, coral pink, and caramel. This palette also includes a mirror for easy application on the go. This smooth, powder blush glides on easily and lasts all day.


A Mascara-Like Wand That Removes Makeup

I’m awful at actually removing my makeup every day. Especially if it’s that stubborn waterproof stuff that takes a little elbow grease to get rid of. This makeup remover is the perfect solution. It’s designed like a mascara tube with an applicator that brushes your lashes from root to tip, effectively removing any and all makeup. Let it sit on your lashes for a few minutes before wiping away with a cotton round.


The Reusable Cotton Makeup-Removing Pads

Speaking of cotton rounds: replace your disposable ones with these reusable cotton rounds that have earned nearly 20,000 reviews because they’re soft, convenient, and better for the planet. They’re made from highly absorbent and soft bamboo velour. Use these rounds as a replacement for disposable cotton that you’d usually use to remove makeup, nail polish, or apply toner. Just toss used facial pads into the included mesh laundry bag and machine wash to use them again and again.


A Face Mask Made With Tiny Diamond Particles

This face mask is made with diamonds — yet it’s shockingly affordable. The finely ground diamond particles are natural exfoliants that remove dead skin while hyaluronic acid boosts your skin’s moisture levels. This mask is made with natural plant cellulose that keeps the mask in place while your skin absorbs all the nutrients. It can help with dryness and dark spots and leave you glowing.


This Glow-In-The-Dark Bath Bomb You’ll Love

End your day with this bath bomb that’s packed with a fun surprise. The honeydew-scented bath bomb fizzes in water, releasing a delicious scent and fun color show. There’s a surprise in each bath bomb that you’ll discover after it’s fully dissolved. By that point, you’ll be so relaxed you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this bath bomb. Reviewers say it’s a great way to make bathtub fun for kids, as well.


These Sleek Holders For Makeup Blenders

Step up your morning makeup routine with these sponge blender holders that look fancy but have a thrifty price tag. The rose gold stands are designed to hold sponges upright so they can dry between uses, preventing bacteria and germs. The stainless steel holders are practical and look pretty on your vanity.


A Hair Mask That Neutralizes Brassy Tones

If you have lighter hair that tends to get a bit brassy between salon trips, try this color-extending hair mask. The purple hair mask is highly pigmented to neutralize brassy tones in blonde hair and highlights, leaving them icy cool. Just apply it to your wet hair and let it sit for up to 10 minutes to eliminate unwanted yellow undertones in your hair.


This Compact Eyelash Curler For Travel

Curling your eyelashes can make them look fuller and longer and this eyelash curler is ideal for taking on the go or for packing for your next trip. The compact curler won’t pitch your outer lashes but produces a long-lasting curl that will turn heads. Just flip the easel down and squeeze. This curler comes with an extra pad and the manufacturer will replace pads for the lifetime of the curler.


The Lipstick Top Coat That’s Your Secret Weapon

Tired of lipstick that comes off after just a few hours? This $4 topcoat is designed to lock your lip color in all day. The transparent topcoat is hydrating and leaves your lips feeling moisturized and smooth — in fact, you can use it on its own if your lips get too dry. This formula keeps your color looking fresh for up to 24 hours.


This Gentle Cleanser That Exfoliates Skin

If you’re looking for a gentle facial cleanser that does more than just clean, snag this salicylic acid wash before it sells out again. It removes dirt and oil while exfoliating and hydrating your skin. In addition to salicylic acid, this pick is packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamin D, and essential ceramides that build up your skin’s natural protective barrier. This gel cleanser foams as you lather so you know it’s working — plus it’s only $10.


These Japanese Bath Salts For Relaxing

Soak away your bad days with this milky bath salts set. The Japanese hot-spring-inspired bath salts are both moisturizing for your skin and calming to your mind. It’s packed with minerals that promote circulation and warm up your muscles for a soothing experience. This set comes with 13 packs of bath salt powders featuring four different scents. This $13 find has earned a 4.8-star rating from reviewers.


The Moisturizing Gloves That Sooth Dry Skin

If you work with your hands a lot, they may need some deep conditioning. Just slide your hands into these collagen-infused gloves and allow the natural botanical extracts and collagen to penetrate your skin to provide intense moisture. These gloves are made with a material that works on touch screens so you can scroll your phone while your skin soaks up all the gloves’ goodness.


A Glass File That’s Gentler On Nails

Keep your nails healthy by using a tempered glass nail file — like this $9 pick. It keeps your nails strong by preventing splitting or breakage. The file is made with tempered glass that is lead-free and features a velvet smooth surface for buffing. The unique shape of the file also helps to achieve a professional-like manicure at home.


This Jelly Highlighter For A Dewy Glow

Looking for that dewy glow that only makeup artists seem to perfect? Just try this affordable jelly highlighter. The vegan formula is designed to be worn alone, over makeup, or mixed into your foundation. It gives you a luminous, rose-gold glow that looks natural and fresh. It’s available in three shades.


The Rich Foam Maker For Luxurious Cleansing

If you like your cleanser but would like it even more if it came in a foam consistency, this little foam cleanser maker is about to create magic for you. Add just a drop of your gel, powder, or liquid cleanser to it, fill it with water, give it a few pumps, and it creates an entire bottle’s worth of marshmallow-like cleansing foam.


This Lavender-Scented Clay Mask That Bubbles

This clay face mask is affordable and deep cleans pores easily. It’s made with carbonated bubbles that exfoliate your skin (and make this feel like a fun science experiment) while clay mud purifies and tightens your pores. Say goodbye to blackheads and dead skin with this lavender-scented clay.


A Mini Spatula To Get Excess Product Out Of Bottles

Stop throwing out your moisturizer, foundation, or eye cream when you know there’s still some left in the bottom. This flexible spatula is designed to save you money in this exact scenario. It fits into any bottle or container, no matter how narrow the opening, so you can get every last drop.


This 42-Piece Hair Roller Set For Heatless Curls

This hair roller set comes with 42 flexible rollers to curl your hair without heat. All of the pieces included are 7-inches long and come in six different thicknesses depending on your preference. They’re also color-coded so you can easily find what you’re looking for. This set has earned more than 30,000 reviews for how comfortable and easy it is to use on short, long, straight, or curly hair.


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