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Straight up genius: the best hair and makeup products to buy now | Beauty

I can’t think of a single Dior product I would have included in a previous “best of the year” roundup. This time, I’ve struggled to shave my choices down to two. No longer coasting on Parisian heritage and luxury packaging, Dior is on a gold run of terrific launches. Having never much liked this company’s foundations, I found I wore …

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43 Genius Products On Amazon That Solve Your Beauty Dilemmas

If you’re lucky, it’s rare that you run into an epic beauty dilemma on a daily basis. There are a select few whose lives are not marred by heat damage, an unintentionally shiny forehead, or smudged liner on a first date. But if you can’t bumble through your day without smearing your lipstick or breaking a nail, you might find …

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45 Genius, Cheap Beauty Products On Amazon You’ll Wish You Got Sooner

I’m personally someone who doesn’t love spending a lot of money on makeup. Maybe it’s because I’m not a pro or just cheap in general, but I like my beauty finds to cost less than $20 if possible. I’ve compiled a list of the best of the best beauty products on Amazon and, trust me, you’re going to love them. …

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