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Korean Skin Care for Acne Is Completely Different Than America’s Approach | Expert Insight

[Ed note: For those unaware, Korea has a universal, single-payer healthcare system, and in-office treatments are far more affordable than they are in America.] Skin-Deep Treatments  About five years ago, skin-care technology started to advance, and acne patients started adding laser treatments and radiofrequency-charged microneedling to their weekly visits, Dr. Ban says.  Gold photothermal therapy (or Gold PTT) is a …

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12 Beauty Buys Our Editors Completely Finish

When it comes to beauty products, there are four degrees of buying in: Liking something enough to actually purchase it, liking it enough to regularly use it, liking something enough to finish it, and being convinced to buy it again. In the height of the beauty guru era, when ‘empties’ videos reigned, these roundups were a way of weeding out …

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