The 10 Best Conservative Halloween Costumes for Modest, Stylish Ladies • budget FASHIONISTA

Why be the sexy fill-in-the blank this Halloween like everyone else? It’s just so cliché to be a slutty-this or a slutty-that. Also, it’s mildly offensive that bearing all is the costume strategy women favor most. Can’t conservative Halloween costumes be just as cute and interesting? I say yes, and I hope you agree. To prove it, here are 10 …

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10 Cool & Classy DIY Halloween Costumes • budget FASHIONISTA

In my book, Halloween is one of the best holidays in existence. It’s got something for everybody — do you like costumes? Are you obsessed with candy? Or maybe you fancy the arts: pumpkin carving and the challenge of DIY Halloween costumes. Whatever your jam, Halloween is just plain fun. My favorite aspect of Halloween is that I get to …

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Looking for Affordable Party Dresses for the Holidays? This Shopping Hack Will Surprise You • budget FASHIONISTA

Affordable party dresses may be the fashion MVPs of the holiday season. Between work, family, and friends, you may have five or six (or more!) events on your calendar over the next several weeks. And if the invite lists overlap, you definitely don’t want to wear the same dress twice. The shopping hack to find affordable party dresses On the …

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