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Are we right that the wedding plan is bonkers?

DEAR MISS MANNERS: We’ve been friends with a couple for over 20 years. Our son grew up with theirs — elementary through high school, after-school sports, etc. Their son is getting married out of town. It’s drivable for us, but would mean a flight and hotel for our son and his wife. Our friends just informed us that while we …

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How to Plan a Surprise Wedding

Surprise weddings aren’t new, especially among the rich and famous. But during the pandemic, their appeal has been gaining in popularity. Following a year and a half of quarantining, couples seem to be craving more intimacy and personalization and less pomp and circumstance. A surprise or pop-up wedding — perhaps from an engagement or birthday party — is a memorable …

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Tips to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Breadcrumb Trail Links Personal Finance Life Columnists There are more options than ever for planning an affordable wedding. Avoid debt and look for creative ideas to make your day memorable for all the right reasons Author of the article: Scott Hannah Plastic wedding couple on a pile of coins – money concept. Getty Images/iStockphoto Photo by istockphoto /Getty Images Article …

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